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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Sleep-LESS that’s what I have become, the weird voices of Farsi1 dubbers echoing in my head , Happy birthday Farsi1 , happy happy birthday for the channel who encourages the sophisticated cultures of Korea and 3rd hand countries of South America, where the most mysterious character of all time is a weird looking hippie.. .Lordi Lord.
My dog has pissed right in the hall floor since I have forgotten to take the poor thing outside,I forget to take myself outside while carry over effect is 80% with product margin of 27%, meeting is still on, I feel dizzy and try not to fall on the table sleeping…..shit, control yourself man, the guy is looking right in your eyes….

Is that little mazda who used to know everything when I was 6, is a sign of schizophrenia? Damn, I should spend less on the Net with this psychic stuff,,,I have become officially Mad or as my wife told me this morning, whatever happens on earth you stay sad…

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